In the traditional rustic atmosphere in the Arctic Circle next to
Santa Claus, lives reindeer, sheep, goat, rabbits, hens and rooster.
On our yard you can familiarize with our domestic animals
in their daily activities in arctic weather conditions and feed and pet reindeer!

In winter time, you can try cross country skiing with traditional Lappish
wooden skis on pure arctic white snow. You can slide down the hill safely and this is also suitable for the smallest family members.

In summer we have more domestic animals to see in real arctic context. In addition to the domestic animals. The farm has 2 bonfire place (open fire) and warm Lapland hut. You can bring and eat your own food or buy sausages, marshmallows and drinks from the elfs store. All this included in the entrance fee. The Elves sell homemade
products made at Rovaniemi. Elfs Farm Yard is located at the Arctic Circle, north side of the Santa Claus Village and
a quite near Santa himself.